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Welcome to GPSnz

GPSnz’s technology allows for an efficient, cost-effective way to monitor your fleet of vehicles utilising GPS technology, mobile hardware devices, and integrated Internet based resources. We focus on helping small to medium sized business better utilise their resources to increase profits; through improved communication, documentation and increased efficiencies.

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GPSnz provides a web based end-to-end vehicle tracking system, which can be used on any computer or device that has internet access. You can track your vehicles in real time, knowing the status of your drivers and the work being undertaken. Plus, keep in contact with your team through an instant message tracking system, eliminating the need for costly cell phone calls.

Improved Profitability

Improve profitability by reduced costs and increased efficiency from utilizing our products - such as working out the most cost-effective travel route for a driver.
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Track where you’ve been, what’s happening now, with projections for the future  enhanced from improved data collection. Our software aids this process, by delivering you a wealth of accurate data to benefit your business.
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Customer Service

When you know where your vehicles are it means you can let your customers know too. Increase reliability and accuracy in drop-offs and deliveries improves your reputation with customers.
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  • GPSnz's New Website 2012-10-06 by Adrian Welcome to our new website! Adding to our strengths in the taxi industry, GPSnz now offers a range of products and services utilising GPS technology, ...



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